About Us

My staff and I created this website as an invitation to acquaint you with our products and our company. We will provide you with up-to-date information plus current techniques to assist you in providing your clients healthful, botanically enhanced, and naturally therapeutic spa manicure and pedicure treatments using Estelina's spa products.

Our Spa Treatment products are rich in botanical ingredients. Botanicals are nature's extracts derived from plants, that have superior conditioning effects on skin. Eucalyptus, Orange Peel, Kelp, Meadowsweet, Chamomile, and Calendula Extracts are only a few of the wonderful botanicals we use. For example, our Spa Treatment Creme contains Balm Mint, Tea Tree, Thyme, Oak Bark, Horse Chestnut, and Witch Hazel extracts.

Our luxurious Spa Treatment products contain Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids (AHAs) and NATURAL ingredients that help exfoliate dead skin cells and leave the skin as smooth as satin.

Collectively, my products are known internationally as "THE SPA COLLECTION".

Most sincerely,

President and CEO